[ new release – shinryu pose pack ]



The poses are available to test out at the in-world location.

[ t.s.t ] Shinryu Pose Pack


– A pack of 5 static standing poses with bento hands that were made using the Niramyth Aesthetic body. You will need the 1.9 version of the body or the hands made by Vista for the finger poses to work.

– They will still work with other bodies, but may not look exactly as intended.

– A pose stand is included that has a hide/show function and is pre-loaded with all the poses. You can add your own animations as well. Instructions included.

– Any questions/concerns contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world.


[ lotd 5-13-15 ]


I don’t usually wear this style of armor, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look pretty sweet. I’m definitely a fan of Japanese armor, it just usually doesn’t fit the looks I make. The beard pokin’ out from the mask does look a bit silly…that beard is just too damn manly to take off! PFC has won me over with this lovely set that’s at the Fantasy Gacha┬áCarnival. Yes, it’s gacha, which kind of sucks, but at least every piece comes with the texture change HUD. More places should do that. It’s such a bitch when there’s a machine that has a billion different armor pieces that are a billion different colors. Makes it very hard to complete the set, though I guess that means they make more money. Gambling, weee!┬áThe only rare thing is the mask, and I got the whole set fairly quickly compared to other ones I’ve tried.

Go over to the FGC as soon as you can. It’s pretty packed right now, but it will clear up soon enough. There’s a bunch of other stuff there to check out as well. Also check out the PFC mainstore, they always come out with good stuff.

[ armor ] PFC – Akuma(@Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic Body Enzo

[ skin ] Aeros – Raul

[ loincloth ] RUDE – Eternal

[ hair ] Taketomi – Pogba

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit Beard

[ harness ] DPD – Weapon Harness II