[ it factor ]


[ head ] Catwa -Stanley

[ skin ] Stray Dog – Kain

[ rings ] Legal Insanity – Adam Bento Rings

[ nail polish ] The Sanguine Tree – Gianni Black Polish

[ piercings ] Myo Designs – Catwa Stanley Face Piercings

[ hair ] Dura – B77

[ facial hair ] Purfect – Mesh Mutton Chops Beard

[ tattoo ] Letis Tattoo – The King

[ lotd 11-9-15 ]



First up we have the tattoo from Letis Tattoo. It’s pretty darn sweet, comes with left and right versions and opacity settings. Great detail on the tattoo itself and it isn’t too busy like some other tattoos are. Just a badass dragon, that’s all you need in life.

Next we have the shorts from Phoenix. I was poking around for some different stuff to wear and came across these on the marketplace. They fit fairly well, but they aren’t exactly made for the Aesthetic mesh body itself. They are fitted mesh, which tends to work okay for lower body stuff for the most part. Comes with a belt, wish it had a version with the belt actually latched on..but can’t complain too much.

Last up..oh man..look at those beauties. Straight from Back to the Future it’s the self lacing sneakers! I actually went back to the future to get these…no…no I didn’t. I picked them up at TMD and they’re by VALE KOER. They’re awesome, plain and simple. If you like them I would highly recommend skipping out on the cheaper versions and just go right for the fat pack. The fat pack allows you to customize all the parts of the sneaker, what’s not to like about that? Though the default colors to fit the movie version are very cool..it’s much cooler to make your own style.

[ hair ] Taketomi – Shin

[ skin ] Aeros – Arrow

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic Enzo

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ shorts ] Phoenix – Casual Cargo Shorts

[ tattoo ] Letis Tattoo – Dragon

[ scar ] L&E – Scar Body

[ sneakers ] VALE KOER – Future Mag

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched