[ down in it ]


[ hair ] Dura – Boy 73

[ coat ] DE Design – Evett Coat (@We<3RP)

[ pants ] Pixicat – Explorer Pants (@We<3RP)

[ hook ] CerberusXing – Hook Hand

[ boots ] Reign – Rhone Boots

[ skin ] Pink Fuel – Doll v2

[ head ] Catwa – Amelie

[ tattoo ] Inhale – Burden

[ eyepatch ] Conquest – Black Cloth Eyepatch

[ body ] Slink – Physique Hourglass

[ necklace ] Mandala – Lustful

[ lotd 8-28-16 ]


[ hair ] Tableau Vivant – Jae Lee

 [ skin ] Pink Fuel – Doll v2

[ body ] Slink – Physique Hourglass

[ eyes ] s0ng – Hex

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ hairbase ] Aitui – Hairbase 2.0

[ jacket ] SPIRIT – Kee Jacket (@Uber)

[ top ] Villena – Netted Crop Top (@Uber)

[ pants ] L&B – Zipp Pants

[ shoes ] Vale Koer – Anka Leather Boots

[ lotd 3-11-16 ]



Hail, adventurer.

I took a journey over to We Love Roleplay and picked up some stuff.

First up we have a double dip, the eye patch AND pants from Body Factory. As I’ve said before about the Aesthetic body, a lot of mesh pants will fit it. These pants fit it fairly well, though I have to decrease my stomach to get it to look better..and it’s a tad roomy on the sides. A decent pair of fantasy style pants can be a hard thing to come across, so if you’re looking I’d say go and pick these up. They have very good details, the only other thing I could ask for is a tucked version for boots.

I was a bit worried about the eyepatch because I’ve bought other things from this story that I thought were adjustable, but they turned out to be rigged mesh. Took the plunge, and I’m very happy with it. I’m a sucker for a good eye patch, and this is definitely a good one. It uses resize scripts which I’m not overly fond of. It wasn’t that much of a problem to adjust though, even on my giant head. All the stuff from their store is very affordable as well, go check em out.

Up next we have the bracers from The Forge. They’re very pretty little pieces of armor, easily adjustable, tintable, you name it. I’d love to see them with more texture options for the metal and leather, maybe even some arm, shoulder and chest armor in the same style. A sturdy pair of bracers is always a good thing to have, pick them up immediately for your own safety.

[ eye patch ] Body Factory – Shanks Mask

[ pants ] Body Factory – Kobe Leather Pants

[ bracers ] The Forge –  Traveller’s Bracers

[ boots ] Rebellion – Renegade Boots

[ skin ] Tellaq – Vale

[ tattoo ] Anubis Tattoo – Skull Fuk’d

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ hair ] Aeros – Raul

[ scars ] The Sanguine Tree – Face & Body Scars


[ new release – rustic shirt ]


[ the.sanguine.tree ] Rustic Shirt


– This texture change sleeveless shirt comes with 8 cloth color options and 2 leather options. Just attach the HUDs and pick your color.

Contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world for any questions/concerns.





[ lotd 12-12-15 ]


What’s up, you jive turkeys?

I’ve always wanted a good afro on SL. It seems to be the one hair style that none of the popular places really do. I came across this one from  Caligula, they make a ton of stuff for the Aesthetic body. This hair is labeled to be specifically for the body which I found a lil strange. Either way, it’s the best afro I’ve been able to find on SL so far. The price on it is a lil steep for only getting two colors though at 299 lindens. You could always go with the big flexi poof ball afro..that one is a classic. If you want to make a proper Bob Ross avatar then I’d say go with this one, just make sure to keep that lil fro happy.

Next up we got the gloves from GMan. It confused me at first because when I put them on they were so tiny. like they were fitted for a regular SL av and not Aesthetic despite it being advertised for the body. With a lil adjusting  they do fit great, can’t complain about the quality of them either. They come with a brown version, and versions with straps on the wrists. Definitely not bad for the price of 100 lindens.


[ hair ] Caligula – Peter

[ facial hair ] Caligula – Mesh Facial Hair Fatpack

[ stubble ] SAAL Body Inc – Stubble

[ glasses ] Redgrave – GunShot

[ harness ] Phoenix – Chest Harness

[ pistols ] Breach – Raven

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ skin ] Aeros – Onyx

[ pants ] L&B – Zipp

[ boots ] L&B – Ranger

[ gloves ] GMan – Leather Gloves