[ weird science ]


~ Clinks and clangs…booms and bangs. The sound of something sizzling and the occasional yelp. It almost sounds like someone is being tortured! But, no..it’s not. Instead it’s a goblin tinkering in his lab deep below the crust of the world. Shards of glass, broken beakers and various puddles of potentially volatile liquid are scattered about the floor. The goblin doesn’t seem to mind as he sits on his little stool, humming while handling two smoking flasks filled with who knows what inside of them.  

This green science machine is working on something that could revolutionize…himself! To make himself stronger, faster, better…you get the point. A grin spreads across his face as he hoists the bubbling, venomous green liquid up to peer at it through his goggles. Safety is obviously very important to him..the gloves..the goggles..and..not having a shirt on. Well, that last one maybe not so much. It helps him think, don’t worry about it. Considering that nothing has exploded yet..he’s made some progress at least!

His sharp teeth chattering with excitement, he gets ready to mix the two strange elixirs together. ~

[ body ] Slink – Male Physique

[ skin ] Aeros/Redgrave – Eono/King

[ tattoo ] DOOM –  Death Dealer

[ gloves ] DECO – Pilot Gloves

[ goatee ] RA – Drogo Beard

[ stubble ] SAAL Body Inc – Stubble

[ goggles ] Contraption – Specialist’s Goggles

[ hair ] Tableau Vivant – Checker

[ ears ] Aeros – Elven

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ lab stuff ] DRD – LAB (gacha)