[ new release – bird up pose pack ]



[ t.s.t ] Bird Up Pose Pack


– A pack of 5 static standing poses with bento hands that were made using the Niramyth Aesthetic body. They will still work with other bodies, but may not look exactly as intended.

– A pose stand is included that has a hide/show function and is pre-loaded with all the poses. You can add your own animations as well. Instructions included.

– Any questions/concerns contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world.


[ thug ]


Now for something a bit different. By that I mean something that isn’t fantasy related! You see, there is a lovely event that goes on every month called The Men’s Department.¬†They may have something fantasy related from time to time, but for the most part it’s modern stuff from tons of different awesome content creators. It’s grown to become my personal favorite event for sure. I go to a lot of events, wander around and don’t buy a thing. When I go to TMD I always end up buying something.

Everything in this picture is from the event besides the skin, hair, beard, and hands. If you’re a male on SL and you haven’t been there yet you better get your ass there quick. Hell, go there if you’re a female too! Some stuff may be exclusive, so once it’s gone…it’s gone. So, go there and pick some stuff up, and support the ever so darling designers that take place in it.

[ skin ] Aeros – Raul

[ hair ] Aeros – Raul

[ beard ] Aeros – Raul

[ glasses ] Sorgo – OldTimers (@TMD)

[ shirt ] Bad Unicorn Clothing – Bonds Baseball Jersey (@TMD)

[ pants ] not so bad – Zoltar jeans (@TMD)

[ cigar ] Nikotin – Classic Cigar (@TMD)

[ necklace ] Pumpkin – Vintage Necklace