[ magic ]


– – –

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ hood ] Gabriel – Assassin Hoode

[ arm armor ] PFC – Iron Arms

[ hands ] PFC – Gauntlets

[ pants ] PFC – Perseus’ Armor (@We<3Roleplay)

[ hair ] Exile – Broadcast The Boom

[ collar ] PFC – Cold Hug

[ horns ] Doux – Demon Hairstyle

[ beard ] Aeros – Beard Y

[ legs ] Ravenoid – Fat Bovine Legs

[ chemical ]


[ head ] Catwa – Stanley

[ skin ] Aeros – Eono

[ ears ] Aeros – Ears Elven Original 2015

[ body ] Signature – Gianni

[ jacket/pants/belt ] Riot – Rebel Leather

[ eyes ] Izzie’s – Demon Eyes

[ tattoo ] Inhale – Outlawed

[ wings/tail ] Aii – Thorny Imp

[ piercings ] Myo Designs – Catwa Stanley Face Piercings

[ eyebrow ] Volkstone – Logan Eyebrows

[ hair ] Exile – Lycan

[ nails ] Gorgeous Dolls – Swag So Suave

[ beard ] Purfect – Mesh Beard & Mustache 010

[ new release – ring eye pack ]



[ t.s.t ] Ring Eye Pack

Omega applier, system layer, and unrigged/rigged mesh included. Applier instructions available if needed.

System layer and unrigged versions are Modify for tinting/resizing. Adjusting the unrigged eyes will be needed for a perfect fit, basic knowledge of editing is recommended.

Any questions/concerns contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world.

[ new release – demon eye pack ]



[ the.sanguine.tree ] Demon Eye Pack

Omega applier, system layer, and unrigged/rigged mesh included. Applier instructions available if needed.

System layer and unrigged versions are Modify for tinting/resizing. Adjusting the unrigged eyes will be needed for a perfect fit, basic knowledge of editing is recommended.

Any questions/concerns contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world.

[ highwayman ]


[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ skin ] Tellaq – Vale

[ harness/arms ] The Forge – Osiris

[ belt/shins ] The Forge – Iron Clad

[ loincloth ] DRD – Dominion

[ thighs ] Eclipse Development – Reverence

[ hooves ] Ravenoid – Bovine Legs

[ eyepatch ] Conquest – Black Cloth Eyepatch

[ tattoo ] The Sanguine Tree – Celtic Tatto

[ horn ] Illusions – Nivicola Horns

[ scars ] The Sanguine Tree – Face & Body Scars

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ hair ] Exile – Defiant (@Pulse)

[ sim ] Crest of Vrekmar

[ elendil ]


Elendil. A name that makes Sauron quake in his little mail boots. A truly legendary weapon from a legendary tale that set the standard for all of fantasy. Did MAC Design make a weapon that lives up to that epic blade that rallied all of Middle Earth?

Yes…and no.

The sword comes in five different options for the pommel/guard metal. Gold, steel, silver, bronze, and “vampire” which is red. The other ones have gold detailing on the holes of the pommel and guard which I am not very fond of. On the gold version it looks fine, but I wish for the others there was an option to change it. It’s a minor detail so I can’t complain too much. The “vampire” version has white detailing which looks pretty damn cool with the vicious blood red.Snapshot_008

The model is very well done, though I wish the texturing on the blade was more detailed. On many sky settings it just looks bright white like a plastic playtoy or something. Now, here’s the BIGGEST problem with this weapon. There is no sheathed version at all. There are Draw and Sheath gestures that come with it, oh yes! But, when you draw it out you kinda just…pull it out of thin air. There’s only one place where you could store a weapon without a sheath..or well..two if you’re a female. I don’t think Aragorn would approve of such a thing.

The standing animation is decent. I definitely approve of resting a big honkin’ sword across your shoulders like a boss. It comes with running, jumping, and walking animations too which is neat. Granted the walking animation does sort of look like you have to go to the bathroom real bad. The advertisement for the weapon says it has “Realistic Animations.” it doesn’t. The combat animations are super quick like you’re pretty much teleporting in the direction you attack in while slashing so fast you can barely tell what you’re arms are doing. If you’re an anime character I suppose this is realistic, but not even Legolas was THAT fast!

To sum it up, it’s a nice looking weapon with a major problem in having no sheathed version. For that alone I’d have to give it 5/10 lukewarm instant noodles. Edible, but not as delicious as it could be.

If there’s anything you think I should take a look at then feel free to hit me up via IM or email. Contact info is down below.

[ skin ] Aeros – Julius (@TMD)

[ hair ] Taketomi – Kai

[ facial hair] RunAway – Drogo

[ eyes ] Dead Apples – Phantom

[ stomach belt ] Dark Prophet Design – Abdomen Belt

[ belt ] The Forge – Daerwen Belt

[ wraps ] CX – Arm Wraps (@TheArena)

[ hands ] Slink – Male Relaxed

[ ears ] Mandala – Steking Season5

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ sword ] MAC Design – Elendil

[ table ] Artisan Fantasy – Tor Ritual Altar

[ lotd 4-19-15 ]


Ah, gacha events. Memories of slapping quarters into capsule machines come to mind. There was one with ninjas of all different colors and holding different weapons. Always wanted to get the black one holding the katana…never got it! There’s a men’s fantasy gacha event going on called The Arena, and that’s where I got these lovely belt, pants and boots after spending…quite a few lindens.

Specifically from a store called FDD. Very nice quality, fits perfectly, belt is adjustable and I can only assume the bracers and shoulders are as well. The boots came with both rigged and unrigged which is a treat. Can keep a pair for yourself and give the other to someone else if you want.

It was a shame to visit the store and see they had no other male stuff. A lot of their more unique garb seems to be in gacha machines. I can understand the appeal of gacha, it either has the potential to save money for yourself or for the creator to gain way more. But, really…I wish I could just buy this outfit in the color I want, paying full price instead of getting FIVE brown pants in a row. I mean that’s near 400 lindens just on damned brown pants! It would be nice to have the chest, bracers and shoulders to complete the outfit..but I can’t be bothered to keep pissing away lindens on random chance or pay extra on the marketplace.

Either way, I hope to see more male releases from them and hopefully not in only gacha form. Quality stuff even if your gacha fate is in Lady Luck’s hands. I give it an official rating of 10/10 ham sandwiches. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[ skin ] Aeros – Julius (@TMD)

[ hair ] Taketomi – Juno

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ ears ] Mandala – Steking Season5

[ outfit ] FDD – Donovan of Arena

[ hands ] Slink – Male Relaxed

[ eyes ] Dead Apples – Phantom

[ facial hair ] RunAway – Drogo

[ sanguine ]


A new day, a new blog, possibly a new name for my store? Most likely. It will take a bit to switch over the stuff I’ve made and make new vendors and blah blah blah, but it will happen. Although Soul Spiral was a great name, it may have been a bit of a mistake to use the name of a move from Street Fighter. I wanted to use wordpress again cause it seems a better platform for SL related things and Soul Spiral is taken! Could have used Bulge Indulge again I suppose but uhh..I think that fantastic name has run its course.

Expect product reviews along with fashion, new releases, roleplaying and other stuff. The reviews will be my opinion on the various different things I get my hands on in SL and maybe even outside of SL. No punches will be pulled. If i think your product is unworthy it will be smashed to bloody bits on the mighty tree! Roleplay posts might be journals of any characters I have or maybe even just random ideas, not really sure about that yet.

Either way, stay tuned for the tales of The Sanguine Tree! Thank you to anyone who has followed my previous blogs or Flickr, I appreciate it and hope to keep entertaining ya’ll in some way.

[ skin ] Aeros – Julius (@TMD)

[ hair ] Taketomi – Juro

[ eyes ] Dead Apples – Phantom

[ armor ] The Forge – Daerwen

[ coat ]  The Muses – Redemption

[ belt ] The Forge – Stomach Harness

[ hands ] Slink – Male Relaxed

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ ears ] Mandala – Steking Season5

[ facial hair ] RunAway – Drogo