[ shaman ]


[ head ] Catwa – Stanley (@Ultra)

[ head skin ] Aeros – Maddox

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ facial hair ] Action Inkubator – Ethan

[ eyes ] The Sanguine Tree – Weird Eye Pack

[ brows ] Volkstone – Logan Brows

[ hairbase ] X-Star – Set A Black Hairbase & Beard Combination

[ hair ] lock&tuft – Stranded

[ tattoo ] The Sanguine Tree – Aesthetic Bear Tattoo

[ arm armor ] PFC – Iron Arms

[ back ] PFC – The Deer

[ belt ] Ravensoul – Wolfheart

[ kilt ] PFC – Caesar

[ tusks ] Eldritch – Orc Tusk 1


[ lotd 12-14-15 ]


Tryin’ out a new format here. Lil bit more stylish, lil bit.

We got a whole lotta nice stuff on deck, a lot of stuff from events.

First on the list right smack dab in the middle of my face are the sunglasses from Sorgo. They’re at Collabor88 or as I like to call it..Collabo. Why? I don’t know. They’re some damn nice shades, real pretty like. Sunglasses version, regular version, display versions, versions out the wazoo. For 88 lindens you can’t go wrong.

Next up we got the blazer from Redgrave. Blazer? Blaiser? Which is it? Geez. This lovely, fancy, yet casual swag jacket is over at TMD. All the parts of it are tintable, jacket..shirt..and buttons. The shirt got some different textures as well. Usually tintable stuff isn’t the best, but this one works pretty gosh darn spiffy! Ehhh..I mean I’d raaather it be actual textures..maybe some patterns too. The HUD is a lil blah looking and does an ear piercing high pitched beep when you click on the damn buttons. I got big ears! They’re very…sensitive. Fits great, looks good, can’t complain too much though.

LASTLY we have the pants and the boots. The pants are from Reverie, and the moment I saw them I knew I had to get them. It’s got a sick wallet chain or maybe a pocket watch chain. I’d rather it be a pocket watch chain cause those are..phew..man..real nice. Optional sunglasses you can slap on one of the pockets in case you’re going to the beach or you gotta fly directly into the sun. Great stuff at the store, go check it out. Nothin’ I can whine about!

The boots are from Aphorism..damn that’s a mouthful. Another thing that’s at TMD. I’m a sucker for wingtip shoes or anything that looks similar..western boots..all that jazz. Very snazzy looking and they come with different options for female, Maitreya, and Slink fit. The HUD thingy is a lil tabletmajigger that you hold and tap..kinda cute! Not really a fan of the drop down menu though, I like a nice on screen HUD where you can see exactly the texture you’re applyin’. You can texture change the suede part of the shoe and the sole, which is nice..get to switch it up. Really recommend checking these shoes out, and also their main store. Lotta good stuff. Also they seem to work okay with most pants which is a BIG plus from me.

[ hair ] Action Inkubator – Johnny

[ skin ] Aeros – Eono

[ glasses ] Sorgo – Gawd (@Collabor88)

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ jacket ] Redgrave – Blazer Casual (@TMD)

[ pants ] Reverie – Up The Bracket Jeans

[ boots ] Aphorism – Brogue Boots (@TMD)

[ facial hair ] Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain

[ goatee ] Caligula – Mesh Facial Hair Fatpack

[ watch ] Deadwool – Fermo Watch (Gacha)

[ hands ] Slink – Male Relaxed

[ tattoo ] DOOM – Death Dealer

 [ ears ] Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5


[ lotd 9-18-15 ]


What up, party people? Back again with some more Mens Dept stuff.

First up we got the lovely jacket, hoodie, t-shirt combo from Gabriel. It comes with a HUD that has color options for the hoodie, blue, gray, black, white, and pink? Red? Hard to tell. Either way, the hoodie part has options for heights to fit different hair styles which is a great idea. Also has a no shirt option so you can show off your bod, yeahhh. One problem I’ve noticed is that if you switch the hoodie to white there’s a big gray blob on the bottom of the t-shirt…they should probably fix that.

Next is the pants from Redgrave. They look beaten the fuck up and detailed to the tee. Redgrave makes stuff that always fits like a glove, both in a good way and a veryyy tight way. The pants are pretty slim, but they’re not as bad as some of the twig leg ones I’ve seen out there. They’re damn good jeans, they come with an optional belt. Would be nice to see different cuff versions from Redgrave in the future.

And lastly are the sneakers from Vale Koer. Shoes are something I don’t too often. I’ve usually stuck with the ones I already have cause well..I like em. I am a sucker for some well made sneakers though, so when I saw these beauties I had to scoop them up. It’s obvious they’re modeled after Nikes and they did a damn good job. They come with Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Unrigged and Fitted versions. THAT is what I’m talkin’ about. More places…please do this, and then some. I want to see a future where anyone can wear anything no matter what body their using. Ahhh, wishful dreams.

[ jacket ] Gabriel – Riders Jacket (@TMD)

[ hair base ] Aitui – Standard Hair Base

[ pants ] Redgrave – Turner Jeans (@TMD)

[ shoes ] Vale Koer – Deadstock Trainer Shoes (@TMD)

[ hair ] Action Inkubator – Johnny

[ facial hair ] World of Men – Beard

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ skin ] Aeros – Teghran

[ hands ] Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands Relaxed