[ stoic ]


Good full plate armor is hard to come by. I’ve been hunting for an adjustable set for quite some time. I knew of Silhouette Warfare from a while ago..but never bothered to buy anything because it’s so damn expensive. Well..my desire for armor finally broke me down to snag something from them.

This armor is kind of..old school, being sculpty and not mesh. Now..that’s really not a bad thing. Sure, it was incredibly annoying to adjust piece by piece..but I could actually fit it fairly decently to the Aesthetic body. Don’t expect to buy this and have it fit right away. It took me a lot of tweaking, and it still isn’t perfect in some areas.

Still, it looks great, the details are awesome for it being sculpty, damn near better than some of the rigged mesh stuff I’ve seen. The price is…fairly high, so I can’t recommend buying it unless you’re really hungry for some armor, and you want to put the time in to adjust it.


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