[ weird science II ]


~ After finishing his bodacious concoction that would surely make him the strongest goblin in the whole damn world…he let that bad boy sit for a bit. It bubbled and smoked, the blue and green liquids swirling together. When it was all settled and ready to roll..that dastardly goblin crept his way back into his lab. With a gleeful cackle he scooped the elixir up and dumped it right into his wide, open mouth. It tasted like..well..fish and peanuts..he wasn’t quite sure why.

He waited with anticipation..looking down at himself to see if he grew taller..stronger. Before he knew it was like wave slammed into him, forcing him to lurch over to the near by table. His long arms sweep the devices and vials to the floor, crawling on top of the table with much a huff and a puff. “Guhhhhh..” drones out from his slack jawed mouth, his eyes crossing. Obviously this potion has some..side effects. As he sat upon the table he could feel his muscles starting to twitch, veins popping out…something more definitely was lurking under the surface. ~

[ body ] Slink – Male Physique

[ skin ] Aeros/Redgrave – Eono/King

[ tattoo ] DOOM –  Death Dealer

[ gloves ] DECO – Pilot Gloves

[ goatee ] RA – Drogo Beard

[ stubble ] SAAL Body Inc – Stubble

[ goggles ] Contraption – Specialist’s Goggles

[ hair ] Tableau Vivant – Checker

[ ears ] Aeros – Elven

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ lab stuff ] DRD – LAB (gacha)

[ pants ] Silk Worms – Corruption Pants

[ boots ] Aphorism – Brogue Boots

[ flask ] Sooden’s Supplies- Laboratory Equipment Containers


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