[ lotd 3-1-16 ]


Greetings, traveler.

First up we have well..most of the outfit! The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has snuck up on me, I didn’t even know it was going on until recently. Low and behold when I went to those lands I spotted something for the Aesthetic body. The pants, shirt, and fur stole are all from Gabriel. Really, really happy to see some fantasy clothes that fit nicely. I would love to see this come out as a full release with more color options. The gacha only has 4 pants, 4 shirt, and 2 stoles. The colors are a bit washed out, the black looks more like gray to me. The boots that came with the pants are a bit funky as well, the leg parts are fairly skinny and the feet are large, looked a bit like clown shoes on my body. Incredibly minor qualms for an overall great outfit. Go and scoop it up immediately if you’re looking for that fantasy flair. More Aesthetic stuff, please.

The boots are from The Forge, and they are my favorite fantasy boots, bar none. From time to time I go on a hunt for fantasy style boots that actually fit and don’t suck, and very often I come up with nothing. My advice is if you find a damn good pair of boots that you like..stick with them. These boots look great, they can be edited, recolored, you name it. The leather is originally gray, but I recolored it to brown to fit the outfit a bit better. And really…who doesn’t like armored boots? When you kick someone..they’re gonna feel it for sure. For all your ass kicking needs..go to The Forge.

[ outfit ] Gabriel – Knight (@Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

[ boots ] The Forge – Daerwen Boot Silver

[ shoulder/arm armor] Daerwen Armor Silver

[ skin ] Tellaq – Vale

[ tattoo ] Anubis Tattoo – Skull Fuk’d

[ hair ] Aeros – Raul

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit Beard

[ scars ] The Sanguine Tree – Face & Body Scars

[ eyepatch ] The Forge – Skullcutter

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ new release – strength pose pack ]





[ the.sanguine.tree ] Strength – Pose Pack


– A pack of 8 static standing poses that were made using the Niramyth Aesthetic body. They will still work with other bodies, but may not look exactly as intended.

– A pose stand is included that has a hide/show function and is pre-loaded with all the poses. You can add your own animations as well.

– Any questions/concerns contact thesanguinetree or Sithas Slade in-world.

[ stoic ]


Good full plate armor is hard to come by. I’ve been hunting for an adjustable set for quite some time. I knew of Silhouette Warfare from a while ago..but never bothered to buy anything because it’s so damn expensive. Well..my desire for armor finally broke me down to snag something from them.

This armor is kind of..old school, being sculpty and not mesh. Now..that’s really not a bad thing. Sure, it was incredibly annoying to adjust piece by piece..but I could actually fit it fairly decently to the Aesthetic body. Don’t expect to buy this and have it fit right away. It took me a lot of tweaking, and it still isn’t perfect in some areas.

Still, it looks great, the details are awesome for it being sculpty, damn near better than some of the rigged mesh stuff I’ve seen. The price is…fairly high, so I can’t recommend buying it unless you’re really hungry for some armor, and you want to put the time in to adjust it.

[ weird science II ]


~ After finishing his bodacious concoction that would surely make him the strongest goblin in the whole damn world…he let that bad boy sit for a bit. It bubbled and smoked, the blue and green liquids swirling together. When it was all settled and ready to roll..that dastardly goblin crept his way back into his lab. With a gleeful cackle he scooped the elixir up and dumped it right into his wide, open mouth. It tasted like..well..fish and peanuts..he wasn’t quite sure why.

He waited with anticipation..looking down at himself to see if he grew taller..stronger. Before he knew it was like wave slammed into him, forcing him to lurch over to the near by table. His long arms sweep the devices and vials to the floor, crawling on top of the table with much a huff and a puff. “Guhhhhh..” drones out from his slack jawed mouth, his eyes crossing. Obviously this potion has some..side effects. As he sat upon the table he could feel his muscles starting to twitch, veins popping out…something more definitely was lurking under the surface. ~

[ body ] Slink – Male Physique

[ skin ] Aeros/Redgrave – Eono/King

[ tattoo ] DOOM –  Death Dealer

[ gloves ] DECO – Pilot Gloves

[ goatee ] RA – Drogo Beard

[ stubble ] SAAL Body Inc – Stubble

[ goggles ] Contraption – Specialist’s Goggles

[ hair ] Tableau Vivant – Checker

[ ears ] Aeros – Elven

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ lab stuff ] DRD – LAB (gacha)

[ pants ] Silk Worms – Corruption Pants

[ boots ] Aphorism – Brogue Boots

[ flask ] Sooden’s Supplies- Laboratory Equipment Containers