[ lotd 10-22-15 ]


Hail, my friends. Let’s get right into the battle.

First up we have the hair which is from Exile. I’ve been wanting a hairstyle like this for awhile, a good quality one I should say. It fits a Norse look like a glove and comes with a different version that just has the tied back part like a mohawk. Exile is definitely in the top 3 of my favorite hair places. They have a big selection, great color options, and reasonable prices.

Next on the agenda we have the sweatpants, they’re from Razor at the Men Only event. Razor…thank you. Like L&B they’ve taken up the Niramyth Aesthetic sword and wield it with might. Aesthetic isn’t the only extra version that comes with these sweats, oh no. Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, SL body male and female. Tons of options, what’s not to like? Being that it’s an event item it only comes with red, orange, and greytones for color options..but still..very nice.

LAST UP we have the boots from L&B. To put it plain and simple, I love em. Top notch quality, easy to adjust, tons of color options. The socks aren’t part of it, mind you. Those are from Tonktastic, and they fit pretty damn well. The boots look great, nice and chunky but they don’t suffer from the clown shoe syndrome that I’ve seen a lot of others have. If you’re looking for a new pair of ass-kickers…get to L&B and pick these up ASAP.

[ hair ] Exile – Fallout

[ pants ] Razor – Hooligan Sweats

[ boots ] L&B – Ranger Boots

[ socks ] Tonktastic – Sock Tops

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic Mesh Body Enzo

[ skin ] Aeros – Arrow

[ tattoo ] The Sanguine Tree – Aesthetic Nordic Tattoo

[ scars ] L&E – Scar Body

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ journey ]


 “A barbarian roams through the forest, blade poised..cold, glacier blue eyes wide and ready with battlelust. A rustle of branches makes his head snap in that direction. He rushes forward, swiping his mighty sword through the air..only for a chipmunk to burst out from the bush and scurry off. A frustrated howl comes from the big man, kicking at the bush before stomping away grumpily.”

[ shoulder armor ] PFC – Dragon Slayer (Gacha)

[ belt armor ] PFC – Dragon Slayer (Gacha)

[ bracers ] Alchemy – Dregr Grimmr (Gacha)

[ shorts ] PFC – Freedom

[ skin ] Aeros – Arrow

[ sword ] PFC – Barbarian Sword

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ hair ] Exile – Fallout

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

 [ harness ] PFC – Iron Arms

[ lotd 10-5-15 ]



First up we got the shirt from NO SHIRT SHERLOCK. No really…that’s the name of the store. A store that sells shirts that has NO SHIRT in it? Yeahhh. Either way, it’s a damn fine shirt if I do say so myself. It’s made for the Niramyth Aesthetic body, fits it great, nice quality. Comes with three different colors for a decent price.

Next up we have the sweat pants which are made by…oh…me! That’s right, they are the sweats that I’ve made..The Sanguine Tree..you know, yeah. They could use some improvement, but I like what I’ve made. Might end up making a version 2 at some point.

The sneakers are from Hoorenbeek and damn, they’re nice. Great fit, great quality. Comes with a sock version that has a hud to change the color of the sock which more places need to do. Sometimes you have pants that don’t cover enough, the socks make it look less weird. Props to them, though the shoes are a bit expensive for just one color, and there’s not enough color options in my opinion.

[ shirt ] NSS – DADDY muscle shirt

[ pants ] The Sanguine Tree – Aesthetic Sweats White Stripes

[ shoes ] Hoorenbeek – Pegasus

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ skin ] Aeros – Raul

[ hair ] Deadwool – Undercut

[ beard ] Deadwool – Full Beard

[ eyes ] Buzzeri – Bewitched

[ tattoo ] Anubis Tattoo – Skull fuk’d

[ bench ] GBD – Free Weight Set

[ lotd 10-3-15 ]


What up?

First on the menu we got the t-shirt from L&B. Fitted for the Niramyth Aesthetic body as always, can’t complain there. Comes with different print options, color options, t-shirt sleeve version, muscle shirt version, tucked, and untucked. Lots of options. If you’re using Aesthetic..just go and pick this shirt up. ONE problem though, there’s no plain white or gray versions of the shirt.

NEXT UP! The pants. Now the pants we hsithasithave here are NOT made for the body, and they are from Deadwool. A store that..well..tickles my pickle with every new release. They make some amazing stuff. The quality on the jeans are top notch, they come in different sizes, fitted, and two different belts. They look good on this body, and I’m sure any other body.

The glasses are from Redgrave. They are nice, but in this pic I think the light is a bit..too much. They have the materials enabled so when you crank your settings up they look all shiny and cool. Didn’t translate too well in this picture. You get black, gold, and silver frames..different lens colors..all kinds of stuff.


[ hair ] Deadwool – Undercut

[ beard ] Deadwool – Full Beard

[ skin ] Aeros – Raul

[ glasses ] Redgrave – Gunshot

[ shirt ] L&B – “Classic” T-shirt

[ pants ] Deadwool – Worn out jeans

[ tattoo ] Anubis Tattoo – Skull Fuk’d

[ sneakers ] DECO – Thunder Bolt

 [ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic