[ new release ] aesthetic sweats – white stripes ]



Simple black with white stripe sweatpants for the Aesthetic mesh body. It won’t work with other mesh bodies or default SL body.

[ new release ] aesthetic tank top – bull ]



Simple tank top with a bull emblem for the Aesthetic mesh body. It won’t work for other mesh bodies or default SL body.

[ gladiator ]


Yooo, another new look…kind of…not so different really. Just a bit of an older, darker skin from Aeros that I wanted to check on the Aesthetic body. Works good! I mean look at the shine with the lighting settings cranked up, daymn. There’s always a thing where I made a new look and I want to make a roleplaying character out of it. It’s kind of annoying, I don’t want a million characters like I usually end up doing on every game ever created. Bit of a habit I guess, maybe I would just use this look to replace my other big bad dark skinned bearded one.

Either way, the arm armor is from a place called LAB737, specifically from The Secret Affair event. The detail on it is sick, some of the best I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous texture quality and edges so sharp you can cut an apple on them. It’s obviously kind of Roman-era looking, but I can see this also fitting a Mad Max type setting as well. There’s also neck and leg armor at The Fantasy Collective from them that matches. Go and check it out for reals.

[ hair ] Boon – GAS760

[ armor ] LAB737 – Berserker

[ bandage ] PFC – Thrall

[ loincloth ] Ravensoul – Cynric

[ body ] Niramyth – Aesthetic

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ tattoo ] Anubis Tattoo – Skull Fuk’d

[ eyes ] S0ng – Hope

[ lotd 7-10-15 ]


Been awhile! Haven’t really bought anything new as of late…having a bit of a dry spell for linden spending. But, I saw this armor and liked it so I figured I would pick it up. As always I enjoy the Daenotaur avatar from Niramyth, always happy to see more accessories and what not for it.

The armor is from The 5th Moon. It’s damn fine┬áto just get armor for this av and not even have to adjust it! It’s very nice, very detailed, modify for adjusting and tinting needs. They also have many other things for other beast avs as well. Stuff for the daenotaur is not necessarily rare, but I’d say that finding good quality stuff is. Check it out of you have the av, it’s worth it.

[ avatar ] Niramyth – Daenotaur

[ beard ] DECO – Shifty Beard

[ hair ] Taketomi – Pogba

[ armor ] The 5th Moon – Cygnus