[ new release – warpaint four ]



Warpaint that comes in 4 different colors. Tattoo layer only. Copy and modify for all your tinting needs.

[ lotd 6-13-15 ]


Beast mode! A fairly old avatar, but still a damn nice looking one. If you’ve been to any fantasy sims you’ve probably seen someone with it. It’s from Niramyth, who also make the Aesthetic body and a badass werewolf av. Crossing my fingers they make a mesh version at some point.

The outfit is from PFC, specifically the Argollas set. The cloak on the other hand is from one of their gacha machines. Wanted to get one of the rare ones and boom! Got lucky on the second try. PFC gachas are not so bad because generally you’ll always get something cool.

[ avatar ] Niramyth – Daenotaur

[ outfit ] PFC – Argollas

[ cloak ] PFC – The Hunter

[ eyepatch ] The Forge – Eyepatch

[ hair ] Taketomi – Pogba

[ beard ] DECO – Bandit

[ tail ] Imperium Designs – Daenotaur tail

[ dark ]


Whaaaat? What are those? Boobs!? Yes, they are. I’m not always a gigantic muscular burly manly man, though I enjoy it very much. It’s always nice to switch it up from time to time. Most likely this look will be a RP character, but not sure on the details yet.

Now, there’s a lot to talk about with this outfit. ADN Designs made the top and the lil garter thingies. A store that has a bunch of different outfits for damn cheap. Well worth it if you’re looking for an outfit that comes with every applier imaginable. I wouldn’t say the quality is the greatest thing ever, but for the price it’s worth checking out.

The sword..phew..I love it. It’s from Eldritch and it came in a pack of weapons. Most of the pack is axes, but this sword is what stood out to me. Super simple, good quality, and clean. The pack comes with huds for two handed and one handed animations that you can use along with your AO. Amazing idea that more places should do! Sometimes the stance anims that come with certain weapons are…not very good. Looking for a quality, simple sword that you can hold like a badass? Look no further.

[ skin ] Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Vamp

[ hair ] Exile – Rise Above

[ loincloth ] Ravensoul – Wolfheart

[ top ] ADN Designs – Libertinage

[ garter ] ADN Designs – Agonizing

[ hands ] Slink – Female Relaxed

[ weapon ] Eldritch – Medieval Arms Fundamentals Journeyman Bundle

[ mask ] Yasum – Venezia

[ eye ] S0ng – inka

[ lipstick ] Pink Fuel – INK Lipstick

[ arm armor ] Ravensoul – Onslaught

[ piercings ] Pekka – Hopeless

[ cape ] DECO – Bandit Cape